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Puzzle Organization – Laugh all you want!


Toy organization is something that I’m going to be sharing on this blog quite a lot. When our daughter turned two she was gifted a set of frozen puzzles in a wooden box set along with a floor puzzle, at 46 piece puzzle and a 24 piece puzzle in a bag from Mommy and Daddy. She now has at least 5 Doc puzzles and at least 6-8 more 24 piece puzzles and 10 48 piece puzzles. Plus she has a birthday coming up and I know at least one friend that got her three more. Needless to say, she loves puzzles. 

These are the kinds of toys that I like to narrow down into one or two storage boxes. My favorite place to shop for toy organization storage is The Container Store. They sell different size shoe boxes. We generally use one of three, the women’s shoe box, the woman’s boot box and the men’s shoe box. For some of our smaller toys (and art supplies) we also use what they call an accessories box. This allows all the toys to be lined up and be organized on our 30 inch Ikea book shelf in the playroom and a second 30 inch shelf in a closet. You can see they are not all labeled yet but it’s on my list. You know that list right. HA – maybe 2017.

20160205_144400 (1)

I decided to put all 11 frozen puzzles in individual quart size bags inside the same shoe box. They took up so much less room and were easier to store than the bags that slide all over the shelves and boxes that are honestly oversized. Another Container Store Shoe Box has Doc McStuffins puzzles and a 3rd with “others”.


The biggest reason I organize them this way, they take up less space and I am always for that. You can see that I just cut out the photo of the puzzle and toss it in the bag.

How do you like to organize your kids toys and other items around the house? Would love to read your comments below!

Wordless Wednesdays – Homeschooling Our 2 Year Old


I was searching for so long to find a Homeschool program that suit my “just turned two year old” at the time. I was struggling to find a curriculum that work for her. I had purchased two and within a month of starting each of them I realized that parts of the curriculums were way too advanced and would go beyond her and also that a lot of the curriculum were things that she already knew. I felt like with both that there was no middle ground. I needed more than teaching her 1 – 10 and ABC’s considering she already knew them but something that would help her understand how to sound out each word, be able to express herself creatively and also to still be Biblical.

I was expressing myself and my lack of findings to my cousin on a trip last summer at the end of August. I told her that I was taking 3 months to put together my own and pull from multiple sources and that I was hoping for the best. I told her that I had completed Oceans Week, Dinosaur Week and was working on Nature Week.

She told me that her daughter (one year older than mine) was on week 9 of a curriculum that a Mommy Blogger had put together and it was just what she had been looking for. She told me all about it and before I’d even gone to the website I knew we had a new curriculum. It’s an exaggeration to say that I didn’t care what it cost but in the back of my mind I didn’t- I was already out $100+ from the first two (used!). Before we were finished talking my cousin told me that it was free (or $17 to have better graphics and more printables). She said try it for a while for free and see if you like it. We are on week 12 now and I couldn’t be happier!

Here are some “Wordless Wednesday Photos” of just SOME of the fun we’ve been up to. Oh and off course the link to God’s Little Explorers by Motherhood on a Dime.

11052871_10103709735073204_5021162565764903320_n 20150910_143627 20150911_103755 20150915_153555 20150916_112257 20150922_100459 20150922_101707 20150923_110636 20150923_180825 20150924_162807 20150925_101236 20150925_112333 20150925_112909 20150928_095216 20150928_095419 20150929_090020 20150929_103129 20151002_092556 20151006_170751 20151006_171512 20151105_154700 20151105_155612 20151105_155937 20151108_162859 20151108_163511 20151108_164151 20151108_164946 20160111_125540 20160112_105436 20160112_172716 Screenshot_2016-01-12-10-57-40-120160112_105943

I included a lot of art projects but note that Motherhood on a Dime does a great job at incorporating household tasks, books and videos that all tie in together.

What was your favorite photo? Would love to hear in the comments!


Doc McStuffins Pet Vet Makeover


Disney Doc McStuffins Pet Vet Checkup Center is awesome but one I could not afford this year. After Black Friday came and went I let the idea go, $39.99 (reg $84.99)… nope. Darling! but nope.


The next week Tommy and I were walking Goodwill and I saw this ↓↧ ⇓ ⇣ ⇩ and went nuts! I said, “Distract her!” and ran it up front to pay and put in the back of the truck. I knew instantly that for $5.99 I could clean it up and make it in to a Doc McStuffins Vet Center. Consider this pic a before photo. I had already cleaned it at this point (including getting the price off- oh that chalk!).


I printed this Doc Check list to laminate and add to a clipboard along with the photo on the top right. I also created a document in Photoshop myself to make a Pet Vet Diploma. 20151205_215137

I found after I added these three items that there was more to do. I didn’t take a photo but you’ll see the icon added to the phone, I.V. drip and to Cover the Barbie label up top. That night I fixed it up I also added batteries to the back. I bought it so quickly I didn’t even know that it lit up and made noise. It has a heart monitor, how cute. I had also previously purchased a Ty Lambie for her for her birthday. I decided to pull it out of the gift closet and have it placed on the center for our Christmas morning. 20151205_232446

I had not planned to wrap the gift but to just add a bow on top. While at Target I saw the perfect bow. A Doc McStuffins turquoise!



I was so excited to gift this to our almost three year old that I could hardly stand it. I counted down the days for weeks! We celebrated Christmas on the 19th, the three of us and my parents. “Christmas morning” she came down and saw it!

Since that Saturday she has been roll playing as a Doctor every day! She also got a Doc Mobile for Christmas too. Oh boy, the Doc IS IN!

Have you ever taken a Goodwill find and made it new? I would love to hear about it in the comments.

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